Easy and Cheap Ingrown Toenail Remedies

Easy and cheap Ingrown Toenail Remedies

There are many reasons and ways you can get ingrown toenails but the good news is; there are also easy and cheap ingrown toenail remedies.

You can get ingrown toenails if you’re not careful during nail cutting or if your toe gets caught in between spaces. It can be really painful and irks can be disturbing. Here’s the good news – you can do simple, easy and cheap ingrown toenail remedies. You don’t have to pay for expensive surgeries when using these recommended, “do it yourself” ingrown toenail remedies:

Ingrown Toenail Remedies – top 3 recommendation!

Ingrown Toenail Remedies
Ingrown toenail remedies recommendation 1: Slightly press the painful area, feel if there is a hard spot. If there is then you know you have to cut this portion of your nail because it is irritating that sensitive part of the skin located in the isolated part on the side of the toenail. Pour some baby oil and leave it for a few minutes just enough to soften the ingrown toenail and cuticles too. When it is softer, it’s easy to penetrate the area with a pusher then cut with a nail cutter or cuticle clipper. This can be slightly painful but sure way to relieve after few minutes when the ingrown toenail has been removed. This ingrown toenail remedies recommendation will cost you nothing because you can use any baby oil and petroleum jelly allready available in your home.


Ingrown toenail remedies recommendation 2: Soak your feet in warm soapy water for 30 minutes, when it’s softer you can clean the ingrown toenail by pouring slight amount of “Merthiolate” or you can use a swap and gentle apply “Merthiolate” in the area. Repeat this process until you feel relief, which will be followed with clipping the ingrown toenail. This is one of those ingrown toenail remedies that can be painful but remember there’s no painless way to remove ingrown toenail. At least the pain in this ingrown toenail remedies recommendation 2 is slightly better than putting alcohol directly to an open skin. This ingrown toenail remedies recommendation 2 will only cost you 1 dollar for the smallest bottle of  “merthiolate”.

Ingrown toenail remedies recommendation 3: Use hydrogen peroxide to remove the bacteria and this can also soften the toenail. With the use of nail clipper, crack or cut the side of the nail, press / pinch both sides of the toenail and slowly pull the ingrown toenail. Warning: this is one of those ingrown toenail remedies that can cause bleeding since your are exerting some effort and the pressure could result to splitting some skin and cause a small cut on your skin. Apply hydrogen peroxide again after you take out the ingrown toenail.

Ingrown Toenail Remedies – Prevention better then curing

Ingrown toenail remedies recommended are just a few of easy and cheap “you can do yourself” steps. However, the best cure is the prevention itself. Make sure that you cut your nails properly. You can observe the shape of your toenail, if you have some thick skin on the side then there’s a huge chance you can get ingrown toenails frequently if you cut squarely. Instead of the square pattern, cut the nails forming a slant with the middle always higher than the sides. When it grows, it will not sink in the side that can cause ingrown and it’s easy to cut and maintain. Try and see for yourself how those ingrown toenail remedies recommendations will work out for you!


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  1. Hi, i’ve been suffering from ingrone on both of my big toes for more than two years already. I already had a surgergy twice but it keeps on coming back!. I tried putting anti bacterial ointment and i also put betadine ro soften the skin and nail as recommended by my surgeon, but then nothing happens. Currently, i am regularly visiting a nail spa to have my ingrone toe nails clip evrey two weeks and its very painful and it cause bleeding. Also by big toes had already deformed and it look huge just like tomatoe. Can this still be healed? Is there any any other ways that my big toes could be normal and wont no longer suffer?.

    • Please read each remedy you can find in the post and perform this as described. Normally these remedies are for people who suffer from ingrown toenails at the beginning stage. It’s best to consult your doctor about this. I hope this answers your question. Good luck.

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