Bad breath causes, prevention and treatments

What is halitosis?

Bad breath also known as halitosis,  foetor ex ore(latin) or oral malodor is a condition in which a person produces offensive odor caused by a Sulphur-producing bacteria that lives on the  surface of the tongue and in the throat. An offensive breath is made worse by the kind of foods that one eats and unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking coffee.

Many bad odors emanate from the mouth but such odors can also be experienced from the upper and lower respiratory tracts and even coming from the stomach area.

Taboo on bad breath

There is a big taboo when it comes to bad breath. Bad odor coming from the mouth can be very unpleasant to the interlocutor. He or she will not tell you about this issue because of the embarrassement or humiliation it can bring along.

Symptoms of halitosis

It is very difficult for a person to know he or she has bad breath as odor detecting cells in the nose become accustomed to the bad smells that originates from the mouth. Teeth coated with a film or plaque is a major indication that one will develop halitosis; this is usually accompanied by the swelling of the gums. Gums infested with halitosis tend to become red and bleed easily especially after brushing or flossing.

Sore throat accompanied with swollen lymph nodes is another common symptom  of bad breath. If from time to time you find it difficult to swallow dry foods because of mouth dryness, then you might develop halitosis in the near future.

how to get rid of bad breath

Halitosis causes

The kind of diets that someone eats plays a pivotal role in halitosis as their breakdown in and around the teeth can increase bacteria leading to bad odor.  Foods such as onions, garlic and vegetables have been found to be a major cause of bad breath.

Tobacco products such as cigarettes cause bad breath of their own with users standing a greater risk of developing several gum diseases. Poor dental hygiene is another major bad breath cause as food particles tend to implant themselves in between the teeth and gums. If the food particles are not washed away properly a colorless sticky film usually forms leading to foul-smelling breath.

Dry mouth is a condition in which saliva production decreases, if this happens halitosis may kick in as saliva is responsible for removing particles that cause bad odors.  There are certain medications that have been found to be a major bad breath cause. Oral surgery may also result in halitosis if wounds develop in the mouth. Illnesses such as cancer and metabolic disorders like diabetes, kidney disease cause distinctive breath odor as a result of chemicals they produce.

How to prevent halitosis

No one treatment has been singled out to be the ultimate bad breath treatment; prevention of halitosis comes down to many depending on a person. Prevention of halitosis calls for proper dental hygiene through extensive and regular teeth brushing and flossing. Regular visits to the dentist should also come hand in hand to avoid developing any infections in the mouth.

Drinking lots of water helps a lot in getting rid of bad breath as it encourages saliva production and also flushes down any particles entangled around the teeth. Sugar free gums, sugarless lozenges, celery and raw carrots are some of the best products one can use to prevent plaque from forcing around the teeth thereby preventing bad breath.


Avoid food and drinks that make your mouth dry that leads to halitosis. Some examples of drinks that gives you a dry mouth are alcohol, coffee and drinks that contain sugar in them. Drink water, a hot cup of unsweetened tea or sugar-free drinks instead.

Home remedies for halitosis

Spicing up

Spicing up your diet with some herbs and species can enhance your breath giving you that perfect fresh breath. You can maintain a fresh breath by taking fennels or chew anise seeds after odorous meals as a home remedies for bad breath.

Vigorously brushing the tongue

Vigorously brushing the tongue and perfectly rinsing is another essential remedy for a  perfect fresh breath but often overlooked. The tongue is covered by hair like projections that are known to harbor plaque which cause bad breath.

Gargle up

A mixture of sage, calendula and myrrh which can be obtained from food stores can help a lot against bad breath. After mixing this three extracts you should gargle the mixture at least four times in a day to achieve the full benefit of a good breath.

You may also want to gargle salt water as it helps a lot to eliminate bacteria from the throat and tonsils.

Take lots of parsley

Parsley not only adds flavor to your lunch meal but has been known to be a breath saver as it is rich in chlorophyll which is a perfect breath deodorizer. Chewing it thoroughly in your mouth you will be enhancing the freshness of your breath.

Cut on some beverages

The intake of beverages such as coffee beer whine and whisky should be considerably reduced or always accompanied with thorough brushing of the teeth and tongue. Each of these beverages is known to attach plaque in the mouth infiltrating the digestive system.

Pine apple juice

Taking lots of pineapple juice can help a lot to reduce  bad breath. This is because the juice comes with an acid that serves as a neutralizer in the mouth.


Yoghurt is another juice that has been found to remove bad breath. Yoghurt contains 2 ingredients named Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These so called good bacteria help eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor in the mouth.

Hydrogen sulfide, one of tthe compounds that creates the bad odor to the mouth gets reduced when drinking 6 ounces yoghurt per day. Yoghurt also lowers the levels of plaque and gum disease gingivitis.



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