home remedies for cough

Home remedies for cough VS medicines like cough syrups and drops:

There are many ways to get rid of a cough. But the best, more useful and perfect way is reading about homeremedies for cough. These remedies have no side effects which normal medicines have. Finding a home remedy for cough is better and more reliable then any other medicines out there. My daughter had a cough, and not one medicine i paid for could get rid of the cough. I then used one of the below home remedies for cough and it cured the cough immediately.

There are many ways for cough treatment. Below you will find top 5 home remedies for cough.These are the best treatment method when you are someone you know has a cough:

home remedies for cough
How a home remedy for cough can help children:  Children cannot always be cured by normal medicine when they have a cough or a  cold. Children under 5-6 years should not be given adult medicine. In adult medicine we can find alcohol which will damage the health of a child. Off course there are children medicine out there but in my opinion they cost a lot of money and in my position they do not work. It all depends on the immune system of the child. I tried all the cough drops or cough syrups out there like Bisolvon, Daro but nothing helped. Before buying medicine it’s better to try out the remedies you can find below and see the results. It’s better to create a home made medicine by using products you can find at your home. Rather than letting your child suffer from a cough or a cold we should give them options between a  number of different cures. These natural homemade herbs will not only help with the pain but also help with suppressing the cough and cold all together.

Home remedies for cough – Top 5

1. One of the oldest remedies to soothing coughs and cold is a mixture of honey and lemon. We can find these products in any kind of supermarket, many times you have these allready at home. Both lemon and honey is cheaper than any kind of medicine which we can find at the pharmacy. Children find this mixture very soothing and tasty.

2: Herbal tea:   This home remedy method is a little more expensive than the other method. It is different than other methods because you can find a variety of flavors that you can try as a home remedy for cough. There are lots of flavors out there that you can try like lemon, thyme, wild cherry bark and licorice.

3. Menthol oils: Rubbing menthol oil straight onto the chest can help suppress a cough and give an instant relief to the pain that comes from coughing.

4. Water steam: If you want to get rid from a cough or cold without spending any money steam from water is the best option to use as a home remedy for cough. My doctor gave me the following tip when he saw that i came back every week with my child. Try turning on the shower to take a hot bath so that you can breathe in the steam of hot water. It will help you to get rid from the coughing pain. Another great way to get rid of this pain is to take some menthol oil with a bowl of hot water then take a towel and breathe in it. It will help you to cure the cough.

5. Humidifier: A good way to soothe a cough is by using a humidifier, this will relief the cough so you can rest. Many times  the air is very dry, this will make the coughing worser. By using a humidifier it will help put moisture back in the air, which will let you breathe easier. The moisture will soften the cough or even cure it.

Home remedies for cough – Top recommendation

A cough is very irritating for all of us because it’s a painful condition which can affect all of us now and then. Constant taking of medications for a cough or a cold for a period of time, our body may start developing resistance to such medications. Now we all agree that if you get natural cough remedies for the cough or the cold herb is the best thing. It is believed that horehound is the best herb ever used for treating cold and cough for the past centuries. We all can say this herbal aroma is supposed to be a very effective remedy for cough. This really works because it soothes the small air tubes of the throat and lungs and prevent too much secretions.