How to get rid of lice fast – easy ways to kill lice

Easy ways on how to get rid of lice fast

Many of us think that head lice can only occur to those who don’t maintain daily hygiene. It is a common problem that can occur to anyone irrespective of socio-economic group. Like any other health problem, head lice can cause a lot of discomfort. At times, excessive head itching in public becomes a matter of embarrassment for us. Head louse multiplies very quickly, so it is crucial to know how to get rid of lice fast to avoid the health problems caused by it.

Head lice mainly occur when we come in close contact with the person already infected with it. Not only that, it can also spread while sharing cloth, hair brush and even from pillow cover, shower cap or towel used by an infected person. Many of us have this misconception that, head lice are harmless and don’t transmit communicable diseases. Without proper knowledge about how to kill lice, it often becomes difficult to control it.

Diseases caused by Head Lice

At the initial stage, head lice might cause Pediculosis, with little irritation. But continuous biting can result in serious problems. People infected with head lice often suffer from massive allergic reactions with severe itching in scalp, especially at the base of hairline, behind the ears and around the neck region.  If timely precaution is not taken for getting rid of lice, sores might develop in the head region, which at times get infected by bacteria. But head lice don’t cause any life – threatening disease.

Major Symptoms of Head lice

Head lice infestations nymph feeds on blood and grows into a louse, in just seven days. The life span of an adult louse is for 30 days. During this period, a female louse can lay about 90 eggs. If we are not aware of how to get rid of lice fast, it can further increase the level of discomfort. The main symptom of head lice is intense itching, which at a later stage might get infected by bacteria. Development of sores or a feeling of something crawling or moving on the head can also indicates formation of head lice. Some people experience no symptoms or irritation, when infected by head lice.

An overview of how to get rid of lice fast

There are several anti-lice agents available in the market that helps in getting rid of lice.  A number of advanced treatments have been introduced to get rid of lice. But it is recommended to consult the physician before applying such products to children as they contain certain toxic ingredient. There are also several medicated shampoo, conditioners, lotions, sprays etc. available in the market, to get rid of lice. These products contain different types of chemicals that can damage the hair and can even affect the brain and nervous system.

How to get rid of lice fast Home remedies

Proper information on how to get rid of lice fast can be helpful to practice self- care of lice at home. Here are few simple measures that can be adopted to resist head lice infestation.

  • Washing hair with vinegar can be helpful. It contains acetic acid that kills the nits on the hair shaft.
  • Head Massage with tea tree oil , coconut oil , corn or olive oil can aid in getting rid of lice
  • Blending few drops of lavender oil or rosemary oil with the oil can eliminate head lice
  • Applying  lime juice and garlic paste and leaving it for thirty minutes can be useful
  • Massaging mayonnaise on hair and scalp helps to choke the breathing tube of the lice
  • Adding camphor powder with coconut oil and applying the mixture on a regular basis can be a great way to get rid of lice

After washing the hair, wet combing can also help to locate the lice. Another effective way on how to get rid of lice fast is to use lice comb or brush on the hair, especially near the scalp. Along with following these easy steps on a regular basis, it is also essential to get our surrounding and daily used items neat and clean, to prevent future lice infestation. These can be the most inexpensive and easy way to treat head lice, without damaging the hair.

Try out these simple steps at home so that you know how to get rid of lice fast and say good-bye to the unwanted head lice in just a few days.

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